Mantova and the Gonzaga

The Mincio River is a protected natural area, protecting huge varieties of birds and other animals. We will paddle a couple of days experiencing the towns of Goito and Rivalta sul Mincio.

In Mantova, once completely surrounded by the water, we will conclude our tour. However, first we will discover its immense Unesco World Heritage with a guided tour in the city center.

Duration: 3 full days trip


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Mincio River Great Natural Park, bird watching, Goito, Rivalta sul Mincio, Mantova UNESCO World Heritage Site with guided tour.

Day by day Itinerary

Day 1: Independent arrival in Rivalta sul Mincio and check in at hotel. Later we will have brief introductions, welcome drink and dinner together.

Day 2: Transfer from the hotel to the town of Goito, canoe to Rivalta and relax time at hotel wellness center. Dinner on your own.

Day 3: Canoe from Rivalta to Mantova, enjoying the upper lake and its lotus flowers (according to the season). Afterwards, a city center guided tour of Mantova (about 1 hour) and “Arrivederci“.

Our canoes and materials
At FRT we know that a good paddling experience requires good equipment comma so we have tried to make as few compromises as possible. We want to work with the best type of boat for each environment. That is why we provide different styles of boats depending on the tour.

On river experiences we will use canoes, better for longer distances and some current.
Our canoes are usually made out of pvc material, very strong and steady to facilitate movement in a river.

Paddles and life vests will be always given to you, together with waterproof bags for the things you want to bring along on the tour.

You should all be reasonably fit for the tour you want to do … more info

Price: Euro 570,00 (3 days trip) per person (for single accomodation consider Euro 90,00 extra)

Included in the tour

  • one of our guides
  • canoe
  • waterproof bag
  • life vest and paddle
  • sights and events
  • gratuity
  • transfers during the trip
  • hand-picked hotels
  • One welcome drink
  • Hotel stay (two nights) and continental breakfasts
  • one great group dinner
  • special dining requests